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Didja is based in the heart of Silicon Valley and specializes in consumer apps that help users engage with live “linear” television.

We believe, for many households, the most relevant, delightful and important programming for everyday Americans is coming not from the internet or from streaming apps, but from live local broadcast and linear programming. For many people, local broadcast television is a vital community link, for others it’s where the most-watched shows are available for the right price. And perhaps most importantly, it’s fun. Didja’s products and services are designed to ensure that as many people have access to local broadcast programming as possible, and that experiences such as sharing, discovery, channel surfing and recording favorite shows are brought into the mobile age.

The Didja hybrid cloud platform is also designed to help broadcasters, networks and content owners expand their revenues while both delighting their fans and enabling a more direct consumer relationship.

Meet the Team

Technical Team

Didja’s highly-experienced technical team has been awarded over 16 patents in the area of streaming media, digital video, networking, storage and user interface design. In addition to the individual patent holders, Didja also has some patents pending. The Didja technical team have worked at iconic technology companies like Apple, Adobe, Google, YouTube, HP, Tivo and AT&T Labs. This team is creating the application software and back-end services software for Clippit & BTV, employing best practices and integrating trusted third-party software where applicable. The DevOps team is also highly experienced at managing data centers and Amazon cloud services.

Business Team

Didja’s highly-experienced business team done partnerships and deals with major TV networks, MVPDs, Content Owners, Sports Leagues, Social Media leaders and Advertisers. The team also has strong diversified experience at growth marketing, social media, content marketing, mobile applications marketing and events.

Jim Long


Jim Long has 30+ years of experience in the media and broadcast industry as a founder, investor, adviser and business leader. Notably, Long served as CEO and co-founder of RioPort, a leading pioneer digital music service provider, that was the first internet company to license/resell digital songs from all five major labels. Considered the "father of streaming video," Long was also the CEO and founder of Starlight Networks, which pioneered video streaming and video multicasting powering digital video solutions for BloombergTV and Smith Barney, among many others.

Long began his career in software development and product marketing at Hewlett Packard, where he invented the world's first presentation graphics application (HP-Draw). He received a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard University.

Jim Monroe

GM, Broadcast

Jim Monroe has spent his entire career in local and network television and in startups working to enhance the TV viewing experience. He’s worked for the NBC Network and for NBC and CBS TV stations in programming, marketing and operational roles in Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. Joining TiVo when it was a startup, he developed that company’s early media, advertising and research products. He later co-founded and led product and business development for streaming video company Net2TV, working with media partners such as Time, Meredith and Bonnier.

Jay Perry


Mr. Perry is an experienced software developer and project leader with over 19 years of experience designing, building and maintaining products ranging from user interfaces to kernels. His specialties include API design, infrastructure development, user interface design, maintenance and extension of existing software.

Before joining Didja, Mr. Perry owned nlogn Software, LLC, a software design and development consulting company. Earlier Mr. Perry worked in the Engineering department of numerous companies including One Step Beyond Consulting, Beyond Oblivion, Net App, Network Appliance and AT&T Labs where he was responsible for designing and implementing technical services.

Don Meyer

VP of Operations

Mr. Meyer is an experienced producer of high quality software products across a variety of footprints utilizing contemporary software methodologies. His specialties include automated continuous integration and software development infrastructure. Before joining Didja, Mr. Meyer worked in the Engineering department of numerous companies including Apple, where he was responsible for the integration, building, packaging and delivery of system software, Panzura, One Step Beyond Consulting, Beyond Oblivion, Kakai Inc., SpikeSource and Avistar Communications. Earlier Mr. Meyer worked at Sun Microsystems where he was responsible for the integration, building and delivery of Solaris for Netra products.

Carolyn Crawford

Head of Business Development

Ms. Crawford is a versatile, financially-astute Senior Executive with 20+ years’ experience across multiple industries including media, technology, telecommunications, and banking in mid-sized to Fortune 100 companies. She is an innovative, critical thinker with proven success driving long-term growth through pioneering product/programming development initiatives, content acquisition, and strategic partnerships.

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